Hello! My name is Shaquille Que

My full first name is Shaquille Wyan, and I hail from the Philippines!

I’m pursuing a Computer Science and Mathematics double major at Rice University. Here, I serve various leadership roles, including

I’m currently working as a summer Engineering Intern for Pilosa, which has since rebranded to Molecula after I started my internship in May. In high school, I represented the Philippines in various international math olympiads and won some awards, including

Since then, my interests have naturally shifted to Computer Science and practical problem-solving, specifically in backend development and algorithmic problems. As I dive deeper into this ever-changing field, I find that the critical thinking skills I have gained in math olympiads become increasingly more important in solving the real-world challenges!

Feel free to reach out to me via email or LinkedIn for any reason or check out my Github. Otherwise, go ahead and lurk on this blog I managed to put up!